I have been a member of the BAcC since its inception in 1994. Before that I was a member of one of its forerunners, the Traditional Acupuncture Society, since I qualified in 1980. The BAcC is the lead professional body for acupuncturists in the UK and I am sorry to be leaving it. I have belonged with this group of friends and colleagues for the whole of my acupuncture career.

The reason is purely financial. Over the past few years, I have gradually reduced my practice from full time to one day a week. I am 67, and now receiving my pension. After 39 years practice, I am enjoying more free time and fewer commitments but intend to continue practicing indefinitely! So I sought a reduction in my BACC membership fee. This, I hoped, would match my part time status.However,  I was informed that the BAcC’s policy for older practitioners does not allow a reduction in fees until the age of 70.

I have been able to secure membership of another professional body and full professional insurance for a fraction of the arrangement offered by the BAcC. This will save me approximately £1400 by the time I am 70.As a pensioner, working one day a week, it makes no financial sense to continue with the BacC. So I have reluctantly decided to leave them.

I have joined the College of Healing as a member, which I am entitled to do, given my past training and experience as a healer, and taken out insurance that also covers my acupuncture practice. The College of Healing sets high professional standards and I will  also continue to maintain the equivalent standards of the BacC, This will ensure that the quality of my work, the extent of my caring, and the standards of my practice will continue as if nothing has changed. my patients will not notice any difference.