“I trust Ben and have found his knowledge extensive”

“My sessions are relaxing and enjoyable”

“Ben has a highly professional approach to acupuncture. He takes time to listen to my concerns, and his treatments are always thorough and carefully considered”

“The pain is now minimal and, equally important, I have gained a sense of bodily harmony”

“Through the use of regular acupuncture, Ben has certainly made a positive contribution to my overall health”

“I have suffered from depression and stress and know that, without acupuncture, I would not still be here”

“Ben is gentle, calm, caring and quietly reassuring”

About Acupuncture

People seek acupuncture treatment for a wide variety of reasons; some come for help with specific symptoms or conditions; others come because they feel unwell in themselves, without being “ill”. Very often, people find that acupuncture strengthens their constitution and increases their energy levels.

I have treated people who –

  • Are aged from 2 to 92
  • Seek help with a wide variety of physical conditions
  • Need relief from pain, both acute and chronic
  • Want support and help with psychological, emotional or stress related problems
Traditional Acupuncture facilitates improved health in body and mind. The classical theory holds that a smooth flow of energy (qi) through channels in the body maintains good health. Illness or stress will disturb this flow, leading to symptoms and a loss of wellbeing. Acupuncture treatment restores the flow of qi by inserting fine needles into specific points along the channels. The aim is to stimulate the person’s innate healing ability, leading to restoration of health and wellbeing.
Acupuncture can also be used, with conventional medicine, in the treatment of both acute and chronic disease. This can be for serious illnesses,  or to aid recovery from illness, injury or operation.

Acupressure is available for children and people with a fear of needles. Children often respond readily to acupressure (eg. asthma, allergies).

What happens when you come for treatment?

ConsultationBen Stevens

Your first consultation will be longer than subsequent sessions. I need to assess your presenting condition within the context of your overall health. I will ask you about any current symptoms, previous treatment and medical history, your diet, physical systems and general wellbeing. I will examine your pulse and tongue to arrive at a Chinese Medical diagnosis. A course of treatment can then be planned to meet your individual needs.


The number of treatments required depends on the individual. For some people improvement may be dramatic in 2 to 3 sessions, for others it is more subtle and takes longer. Treatment normally commences weekly, decreasing in frequency as improvement takes place. At every session, we review progress and your treatment plan may be adapted accordingly.

Very fine needles are used. The sensation is brief, and is generally followed by a feeling of relaxation. Needles are inserted either for a few seconds or left in place for 15 to 30 minutes. Sterilised, disposable needles are always used for each treatment.

Treatment focuses on the root (ben, in Chinese) of a problem, and the constitution of the individual, whilst simultaneously giving attention to the symptoms (biao, in Chinese) of disease.

…if we water a root, it will grow and branches will sprout; these are the laws of nature. The experienced physician, therefore, will always consider the source.

Li Zongzi

Lifestyle and Self-Help

I may suggest changes to your lifestyle, eg. diet, exercise or relaxation. These can sometimes be crucial to the healing process, enabling you to contribute to your own health. Many people are able to sustain their own improvement by taking more care of themselves. I find that acupuncture often achieves its best results when practitioner and client work together with a common purpose.