“I trust Ben and have found his knowledge extensive”

“My sessions are relaxing and enjoyable”

“Ben has a highly professional approach to acupuncture. He takes time to listen to my concerns, and his treatments are always thorough and carefully considered”

“The pain is now minimal and, equally important, I have gained a sense of bodily harmony”

“Through the use of regular acupuncture, Ben has certainly made a positive contribution to my overall health”

“I have suffered from depression and stress and know that, without acupuncture, I would not still be here”

“Ben is gentle, calm, caring and quietly reassuring”

Professional Standards

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) sets highly professional standards for practitioner members:

Membership is only posible through qualification from a college accredited by the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board or successful passing of the BAcC entrance exams.

BAcC membership assures

  • BSc or BA dgree level training or its equivalent in traditional acupuncture and western biomedical sciences including anatomy, physiology and pathology (3600 hours of study)
  • compliance with current UK health and safety legislation including local government byelaws governing acupuncture
  • full medical malpractice and public liability insurance cover
  • a valid first aid certificate
  • a mandatory individual programme of continuing professional development
  • compliance with the BAcC Codes of Safe Practice and Professional Conduct
  • patient access to the BAcC complaints and disciplinary procedures
  • regular updates from the BAcC regarding practitioners professional obligations to the public